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Alyson's Animals


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Please do not spam me with email if you are not interested in my pet care or art services


Welcome to my web site!

This is the homepage, please use the directory located on the left part of the screen to move about the site.

My personal small business has several services. Dog walking, Small Animal care (pet-sitting), supply delivery, and Portraits. See the individual pages for more information on each of these servcies.
If you would like my background, and or resume please refer to the "About me" page.
If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of work I do, please feel free to comment or object. I will understand if your needs are not met and will continue to try harder to meet your standerds.
If you would like Information on the current pets I own please see the "Profiles" page.

Most Recent artwork/pet:

"One moon lit night"
(for larger image see 'current works page')
A delicate piece of the guardian of the moon. I also have the rabbit in the moon if you can see it in the upper right hand corner.
The rabbit in the moon is a japanese folk tale which is told to the children of japan. It is said that a lone rabbit hopped his way to the moon on star dust and now spends his time making rice cakes all day for all the well behaved children. :-) I thought it was a cute story and the rabbit is also a character in the video game OKAMI - which is also where i got the idea for the guardian.

Animals are a wonder to behold