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Wolf's Serenade (NEW!!!)
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What is Wolf's Serenade?

Wolf's Serenade is a extended novel I am currently working on and have been working on since November 08. It was inspired by some real life experiences and I am reflected through one of my characters (Syria). This is a real life scenario novel involving wolves. I only made them do a few things that wolves would normally not do and that is hold a marriage ceremony (a basic one) and a funeral ceremony (a talking and howling ceremony only). They do not have powers or wings or anything odd like you would see in a normal story about wolves nowadays.
The genre of this novel...well it has several. It is fiction (of course), it is an action, drama, romance, with a few bits of mystery, horror and comedy. There are a few characters which tend to act as comic relief but they rarely appear. Some characters reflect people I know in personality and mind. My Parents are not reflected in this novel.
A brief overview of the story:
The setting of the story is in the territory of a wild pack of wolves that roam northern america near the canadian border. The pack's hierachy is jepordized when the beta (lower then the leader) and another beta mate and have pups (which is not allowed in wolf society. The alpha intends to kill the pups but spares two of them after their parents plead for their lives. The pups grow alongside the alpha's pups and are faced with many difficulties including the loss of their mother to a disease known as the parvo virus (google it if you want - it does exist). As the pack's size increases and the territory expands, another pack moves in on the territory (which has it's own backstory as well) and drives the pack apart. The two groups live apart for well over a year and grow in size as well with the pups leading the divided packs. Eventually the territory is reclaimed after the overthrowing of the rival pack's male. The divided pack reunites and the romance/drama of the story begins. Eventually a battle ensues to claim the head leadership of the pack and the Alpha position is reclaimed and settled for good.

Recent Activity:
Finished a new chapter this evening entitled "The Final farewell" where the pack holds the goodbye ceremony for Yuna after she has died (in the last chapter).
Finished some new concept art for the spying of the pack involving the two sons of the rival male pack.

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