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Alyson's Animals

Dog Walking

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The location of the dog and the area needed to be walked, must be in the cheektowaga, sloan, Kaisertown, (some of) West Seneca, and (some of) Buffalo area.
My transportation is via bicycle so it may take some time for you to receive your order or for me to get to the location of the animal.

Activites for your dog:

Socialization: If your dog is not comfortable with me in control, this job opportunity may not work. With some time together with your canine friend, I may be able to gain his or her trust and excercise them.

Free-Play: Playing with toys, practicing and teaching tricks, and getting your dog warmed up for excercise and fun.

Walking: Your dogs pace will be kept steady and at his/her choice. This activity is a great way to keep your dog in shape and calm while in the household. (A tired dog may not want to jump on the sofa and wrestle but rather behave and relax). (Read Factors for other details)

The length of time spent walking your dog will be yours and the dogs choices.
Depending on the dog's health and weight condition, the walks length will vary.
The amount of time specified before returning to your property is also a factor.
Your dog's temperment and obedience is a huge factor. Stubborn dogs, or dogs that are agressive (towards me or other dogs/people) will be tested for your dog's safety, people and dogs he/she may encounter, and my own.
Distance from my home.

Animals are a wonder to behold