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Dest comix


This video was created by 'spiritpup' at youtube.com
This is a great animation so please check it out!
:-D I'm sure spiritpup would appreciate it!

Spirit Pup's youtube account

Sorry about the quality of the pictures. To upload pictures to Tripod you need to make them jpg's so it craps up the picture. Photobucket seems to be acting funny recently too so yeah...

What's New?

Dest comix has lost a bunch of fans but i still have over 100 Fans!!!!!! :-D I'm so excited!
08/10/07 - Added "Anger Management"
08/11/07 - Added "Fishing 101"
08/12/07 - Added "Hangin' around"
08/12/07 - Added "All's well that ends well"
08/12/07 - Added "Haste makes waste"
08/14/07 - Added "Bright Ideas"
09/02/07 - Added "Deady Crocker"
09/03/07 - Added "Wolf and Penguin parody (by mia)"
09/03/07 - Added "To far onnnnnn"
10/06/07 - Added "A ton of Teamwork"
10/06/07 - Added "Wii-ll power part. 1"
10/07/07 - Added "Wii-ll power part. 2"
10/28/07 - Added Page "The captain"
11/06/07 - Added Page "Jay-sun"
06/22/08 - Actually returned to this site O_O"

Currently working on:

Shattered- The original story of Amaterasu with a twist :-D
Sushi Ala'mo- When Ammy begins a job at a sushi restaurant, Pen can't help himself and eats...well...sushi!
Chop Suey- Ammy and Pen research their family trees to find out they had relatives in England!?!
Get to the point! - the continuation of Wii Power where a very jealous mario seeks his revenge on the new heroes of the Paper Mario world

Welcome! Here you can view, "The wolf and the penguin," and more comics written and drawn by yours truly.

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Hmm...about me....

Well...I am a girl. I am a brunette with brown eyes. I like drawing and writing. I hope to become a nurse or a biochemist. I have an 85 Grade point average. My favorite subjects are the Sciences. I volunteer and have a small business that I run in the summer. I love elvis, queen, styx, linkin park, atreyu, funs and roses, billy talent, dragonforce, etc. I have about 8 pets....and well I dunno. That pretty much sums up the basic things about me right there.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.