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Alyson's Animals

Business information

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Important: I do not accept any animals that I have not already owned in the past or have no experience with, this includes: Iguanas, macaws & chinchillas.

-Your pet will be taken and returned to you on the given days of your choice.

-I require proper habitat, food, and any toys for activity.

-If you need me to purchase food for your pet if it will be staying over a long period of time please provide funds for it.

-I am not responsible for deaths of your pet. If I am to injure your pet in any way you will receive your money back. If your pet needs medical attention I will make sure it gets proper care (all vet bills will be paid by you).

-Your pet will be kept in a safe environment. All cages and terrariums will be kept away from any chemicals and other things that may pose dangers to your pets health.

-My home is smoke free.

-Your pet's cage/terrarium will be cleaned on an every other day basis and spot cleaned daily when necessary.

-If my services do not please you, you will get a refund (only with fair reason).

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, or would like to contact me about my services, see the contact page on this site.

If for any reason you cannot or do not wish for your pet to be returned I will accept your pet and either keep him/her or find a suitable home for them.