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Alyson's Animals

Hermit Crab
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Here is the "Alyson's Animals Guide to caring for a hermit crab.

Here is a breakdown of what you will need:

1 Terrarium (Ranging between 10-50 gallons, depending on how many hermit crabs you decide to care for.)

1 Bowl (For your hermit crabs only)

1 Bottle of Hermit crab drinking water conditioner (see directions on back of container for measurements)

1 Bag of Sea Salt (see directions on back of container for measurements)

Hermit crab food

Hermit crab treats

Hermit crab housing decor for climbing on and hiding under

Large bag of Play sand or Pet sand for digging and substrate.

2 Thermometers

2 Water dishes


1 Humidity Gauge

Several Shells of different sizes (no painted)

1 Book on Hermit crab care

2+ Hermit crabs (NEVER HAVE ONLY ONE! They need company at all times to remain happy and healthy!)

Enjoy your new Pet and study up! Hermit crabs are not throwaway animals like some people say. They are just like any other pet you can have, so take care of them and love them always.