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Alyson's Animals

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To obtain a challenging part time during my summer/winter vacation or on weekends.




John F. Kennedy High School 

Anticipated Graduation: June 2009


Very good with animals, Red Cross Babysitting course graduate, vast knowledge of books, love to read and write, love to cook, taking French 2 course, artistic, Merit Roll, Typing Abilities (55 wam).




Dog Care taker

April 2007-Present

Mrs. Marcia Kole

To exercise, occupy and walk three large dogs.

Increased my socializing abilities and work ethic.



Griffith, Sloan, NY 14227


Mr. & Mrs.

To take care of, amuse, and keep happy and well.

Enhanced my skills working with adults, children and adolescents.



Cheektowaga Y.E.S. Program


To provide service through interaction with children, senior citizens, the mentally challenged, low-income families, and charity organizations. I am responsible for my own transportation, to be on time, to wear a name tag at all activities and to make my own phone calls about activity information.

I have learned new skills, met a variety of people, have become more social and people friendly, and have learned how to do numerous tasks.



Member of Student Council, member of Principal’s council, member of FHA (Future helpers of America), Art Club, Literary Group, French Club, Drama Group, member of Cheektowaga Y.E.S., St. Bernard’s Youth Group, Ground keeper at St. Bernard’s.


References available by request

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