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Alyson's Animals

Portraits & Paintings
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     As of three years ago, I have been drawing pets for friends, family and staff at my high school. I am now going public with a cause. For a small fee (varying), I will Draw or Paint your pet (via picture). You have a choice of what size and material and framing is available.

     Some proceeds will go to the Erie County SPCA, some to other shelters in the New York Area. Other funds will go towards paying for art supplies needed for this activity.

Alyson Suwalski
Class of 2009



  • Pencil
  • Ebony
  • Chalk Pastel


  • Acrylic
  • Water Color
  • Water Pastel

Sizes: (Acrylic only)
  • 4-inch x 6-inch

  • 5-inch x 7-inch

  • 6-inch x 8-inch

  • 8-inch x 10-inch

  • 9-inch x 12-inch

  • 11-inch x 14-inch

  • 12-inch x 16-inch

  • 14-inch x 18-inch

  • 16-inch x 20-inch

  • 18-inch x 24-inch

Animals are a wonder to behold