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This is the T.V. listing/anime listing. The Manga continued on a bit further than the anime but it is not listed here.

Episode 1: "The Strangest Day"

15 year old Tohru Honda has been living in a tent for the last month due to her mother's recent death. One day on her way to school, she discovers the Sohma house. As she overlooks the zodiac figurines placed out in the sun, she meets Shigure and the prince of her high school Yuki Sohma! After returning home from work, Shigure and Yuki discover Tohru in the forest and take her home. As she is leaving, a landslide occurs, burying the only memorabilia of her mother; a photo. After Yuki returns with the photo, the three decide it would be best if she stayed at the sohma house hold. Then new face appears, Kyo Sohma! As he crashes through the ceiling, tohru loses balance and the sohmas attempt to catch her fall. In the end, they are transformed and the story beings to unfold...

Episode 2: "The Sohma curse"

After Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure transforming, Shigure reveals the curse to Tohru. The transformations only take place when they are weak or are hugged by someone of the opposite gender. Later, Shigure returns home from the main Sohma home to tell everyone that Akito has decided that as long as Tohru keeps the secret to herself, she may stay with the Sohmas.

Episode 3: "All Shapes and sizes"

^_^" Quick sum: After some random events at school involving 2 story buildings, anger issues, and a pervert...Yuki reaches out to Tohru to help him become a better person and to live a normal life.

Episode 4: "Here comes Kagura!"

As another day in the Sohma house passes, a visitor knocks at the door and then breaks it down! It is none other than Kagura; the wild and hot headed Sohma member. Kagura plans to marry Kyo or kill him if he refuses. It is a fight for Tohru to befriend Kagura, will she succeed? Or make a new rival in the process? Kagura's true form is revealed when leaving the Sohma house, as the boar in the zodiac! What new events will unfold next time?!?

Episode 5: "A rice ball in a fruits basket"

After some time of living with the Sohmas, things are going great for Tohru and her new 'family.' Then one day Tohru gets a phone call. Her grandfather is done remodeling and she can now come back to live with him!?! This spells trouble for everyone. The Princess, miserable in her new home is 'rescued' by her knights in shining fur; Kyo-kun and Yuki-kun!

Episode 6: "Invincible Friendship"

After being 'rescued' and having a mad women in the house, the Sohmas and Tohru decide to take a break and Tohru decides to tell her friends that she is now living with the Sohmas. Shigure agrees to let Uo-chan and Hana-chan stay the night on the weekend. The four try to keep the sohma secret...secret. During the sleep over, tohru finds a hat that reveals some of Tohru's childhood and past. A cute ending (later find out that the boy was...) you think i would ruin the surprise? read the manga!

Episode 7: "A plum on the back"

The annual cultural festival is going on at school and Tohru is readying herself to make onigiri. Kyo is down because his idea of "fighting onigiris" was shot down, and Yuki is completely embarrassed of what he has to wear at the festival. A dress! Later two new members of the zodiac are revealed after coming to the cultural fest! Momiji (a half german-half japanese exchange student) and Hatori (the sohma family doctor). Crazy stuff happens in this episode including transformations, a group of kittens appearing out of no where and Yuki going mad!

Episode 8: "Don't cry, for the snow will surely melt"

Hatori insists that Tohru come talk to him at the Sohma house, and so she does. He insists that because of the curse, she should leave the family alone and leave the house. This episode leads up to Hatori's sad tale of love, devotion, and betrayal. (Gives me shivers just thinking about it lol)

Episode 9: "A solitary new year"

After Shigure's assistant goes crazy from Shigure's torturing games with his novel, the Sohmas prepare for the new years banquet. With the sohmas out of the house, tohru stays home with her mother, only to soon have Yuki and Kyo come bursting through the doors. What a way to start the new year!

Episode 10: "Make it clear it it's black or white"

As the endurance run draws near in school, Yuki becomes ill. Kyo takes advantage of this as much as possible but ends up failing many times in his attempt to outdo the rat. Soon enough a new zodiac Sohma member appears, Hatsu-Haru! Only he has some secrets and a few problems of his own! Yuki has a bronchi-attack and it's up to Tohru, Kyo, and Haru to save the day!

Episode 11: "Everybody loves chocolate"

It's valentines day and tohru has been working extra hard on both school work and well..at work. Momiji invites the sohmas and tohru to the hot springs but tohru refuses until momiji insists and then complies. Tohru knows she cant go and then...the sohmas find out that she spent all the money she made on chocolates for them, they begin to feel guilty. Kyo is visited by kagura and has chocolate (literally) smashed down his throat. Momiji tells the story of the fool and once yuki and kyo make the analogy to tohru, kyo decides to go with tohru to the hot springs.
My favorite Quote from this episode:
Kagura: I'm here for Valentine's, silly! It's a very important day for lovers to be together!
Kyo: You're not gonna find any lover in this house!
Shigure: Kyo, behave please. I don't want the house getting... you know... smashed.
Kyo: Damn it! I should've left on that journey sooner! How was I supposed to know today was Valentine's?
Yuki: It's called a calendar.

Episode 12: "White Day"

Episode 13: "The New school term starts!"

Episode 14: "Yuki's a messed up snake!"

Episode 15: "There are no memories. It's okay to forget."

Episode 16: "Fear of Jason"

My favorite episode: "It's Because I've Been Loved That I've Become Stronger" Kisa is discovered in her tiger form. I love how Tohru reacts whenever she sees Kisa. KAWAII! It's adorable. ^_^

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