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This Page is all about me ^_^...well let's get started.


Alyson S "Me!"

Seriously...If you took Sophie from Howl's moving castle and combined her with Kagura from Fruits Basket, you would get what I look like. Kagura's short and layered hair and athletic body with Sophie's unusually thick eye brows and big brown eyes. The same goes for personality too. Kagura can be gentle and quiet and then the next minute go into a fit of range and go absolutely nuts! While Sophie, is calm, romantic, and a hard worker. These two combined make me! Alyson!

How to begin...well, I'm 16 and I live in New York. I am a total animal lover and anime lover (but not a weeaboo). I like video games, cartoons, hanging with my friends, drawing, painting, dragons, pets, Miasaki movies, and reading. I was born at the end of July, I am a Leo and also a Sheep (ram w/e).

I love making movies and flash cartoons, and um...hmm...well I love anime in general. I have about...12 pets, and three really good friends. I also love horses (note my room) and Dinosaurs. Oh! And I also love elvis and music. Any music for that matter, except rap. You can't spell crap without rap you know...

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