Ah! My goddess Episode guide
Right now?

Episode 1: Ah! You're a goddess!

Episode 2: Ah! Those Who Believe Shall Find Salvation!

Episode 3: Ah! Apprenticeship, Home, and the Goddess!

Episode 4: "Ah! The queen and the goddess."

Episode 5: Ah! Living under one roof together!

Episode 6: Ah! A blessing in every bargain?

Episode 7: Ah! The Place to Express Your Feelings.

Episode 8: Ah! Taking an Examination of Love, Starting with a Deviation Value of 30

Episode 9: Ah! The Secret of the Queen and the Goddess.

Episode 10: Ah! Can the Motor Club Win?

Episode 11: Ah! The Demon Arrives and Wreaks Havoc

Episode 12:

Episode 13: Ah! Who Does Onee-sama Belong to?

Episode 14: Ah! Teaching a lesson called Competition

Episode 15: Ah! Captivated by a Goddess?

Episode 16: Ah! Misfortune arrives and the tea stalk stands upright?

Episode 17: Ah! What are Talent and Hard Work?

Episode 18: Ah! The Fated Confession Is Under the Moon?

Episode 19: Ah! Please don't look at me like that!

Episode 20: Ah! If you're a real man, save the goddess.

Episode 21: Ah! What wouldn't I give for an angel with white wings?

Episode 22:

Episode 23:

Episode 24:

Episode 25:

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