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This month will bring up a brand new trend concerning a change in your living situation. You may decide to move, or you may renovate, redecorate, reorganize closets, and change furniture placement, making you feel as through you have moved. If your physical home remains constant, then someone associated with your home, say, a family member, roommate, or landlord, will create news that you'll need to respond to in coming months. You appear to be involved in this massive home or family situation voluntarily, not by force. As you read this, you probably don't have any signs yet that the wind is about to change direction. Keep your antenna up, however, because as you get to mid-July, you might.


This will be a big month, but to make it work for you, you can't be too rambunctious. Try not to be too much like a little bull in a china shop, dear Taurus. You won't see a lot of progress. You'll have a better environment in which to make decisions. You will also see better financial luck.
Mars will make you want to take the most direct route between two points, and that's admirable, but you will have to consciously slow yourself down. If you act while Mercury is in retrograde you'll probably regret your decisions. Mercury will retrograde until July 9, but it won't be safe to resume normal decision-making activities and purchasing of large-ticket items until July 16. Consider taking a holiday this month, for with so many retrograde planets withholding their strongest energy, not a lot will be decided anyway. If you are worried about missing something while gone, you won't.



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